Lyceum 1.0.2 install problem

I was trying to install Lyceum 1.0.2 on my desktop today, running the install script, everything seemed to be ok. But when as admin I tried to add new blog, I wasn’t able to do so.

It took me awhile to figure out what’s going on, when I browse my database using MySQL Query Browser, I saw that there were only 4 tables under lyceum database, this cannot be right I thought. So I double checked my live lyceum database and I saw about 10 or so tables there.

So I then narrowed the problem to the upgrade-schema.php under wp-admin. I tried cutting and pasting some of the table creation SQL there directly to MySQL Query Browser and the feedback that I got was all of the text fields cannot have default value! So I had to omit default values from any fields of type text, mediumtext and longtext, then I re-run the install script and now everything is working as expected.

I wonder what causes this problem as I never encountered this problem before with Lyceum, oh yeah, I am running MySQL 5.0 under Windows XP.