Jason Zimdar on Why He Works Remotely

This is a very good and timely reminder for me Why I work remotely (hint: it has nothing to do with productivity).

I work at home at least one day a week. On my work at home days, often I got quite annoyed by my boys when they come back from school at around 15:30. My boys are noisy bunch - what else to expect, they are boys after all. Not only that, naturally they will barge to my study room and want to talk:

  • They want to know what I am working on
  • They want to tell me what happen to them in the school
  • They want to ask me random questions (they have millions of them)

I often asked them to get out, shut my study room tight and sternly warn them that Dad has to work. This is stupid. Do I really need to do that? What do I really gain from that another 1 - 1.5 hours?

Thank you Jason, for your reminder the most important perks of working at home:

If you have little kids (or no kids) what I’m experiencing may seem like it’s irrelevant (or at least a long way off) but I promise you it’s not. You won’t remember working a little later or catching up on Saturday because the people you love interrupted you but you’re certain to remember those little interactions. And even more, they will remember them, too. This is why I work remotely. I worked a day job and freelanced all night (while putting myself through college) when these same kids were little. I barely remember those years. Be grateful that you’re home to be interrupted at all.

Be grateful that you’re home to be interrupted at all.