Using vale and vim/neovim for writing

This post is inspired by Bhupesh’s post: Writing like a pro with vale & neovim.

I recommend read that post first.

Install vale on Mac by running brew install vale.

Then generate a .vale.ini config file either on the project directory or $HOME directory, you can use the config generator here.

You can now run vale from command line:

➜  passionate-dev git:(master) ✗ vale /content/blog/

 1:15  warning  In most cases, use 'from' or    Microsoft.Ranges
                'through' to describe a range
                of numbers.
 1:15  error    Use an en dash in a range of    Microsoft.RangeFormat

✖ 1 error, 1 warning and 0 suggestions in stdin.

To integrate with vim/neovim (as described on Bhupesh’s post), I added the following on .vimrc:

Plug 'jose-elias-alvarez/null-ls.nvim'

lua << EOF
    sources = {

And there it is, I should write better post now 🙂