Blogging, 15 years later

I just realized the other day on how long I have been blogging, I can’t believe that I have managed to keep writing this long.

This strongly indicates and confirms that writing is of my life’s strong passions.

In this post, please allow me to indulge myself in taking a journey down of my blogging memory lane :)

I started blogging around the year 2002 according to this post.

My first blog was part of my church blogging network at FOCUS church. The network is called (now defunct). To my delight, Wayback Machine has kept snapshots of it here. Ah, it was a good time sharing and conversing with the church community via blogs. I am thankful for Scott, our church’s webmaster to have provided us with the tool.

The blog ran on Movable Type, it was quite ground breaking blogging platform at that time. On a side note, I am suprised that Movable Type is still around after WordPress rise to prominence.

In 2003, I bought my own domain: The site was meant to showcase my projects / portfolio as I was looking for my first programming job out of uni.

On that site, have a section called Thoughts, which was a single PHP file that I manually update (involved editing the file and FTP the file to the server).

Early 2006, I redesigned the site and replace the static blog section with Movable Type.

In 2009, I setup

I wanted a multi blogs setup for the site, as I wanted to start writing more on my personal and family life. I want these to be separate from my technical writings.

I setup sub-domains for the site, each of them point to a WordPress blog. Apparently, I have 5 WordPress blogs.

At some point, I migrated these sites to Lyceum.

Lyceum is a WordPress clone that supports a multiple blogs, the early version of WordPress doesn’t support this. The later on WordPress has the multi blog functionality after merge with WordPress MU - I am not sure the exact timeline - but eventually I migrated back to WordPress from Lyceum too.

In 2011, I setup this site: passionate development originally as my business website. At that time I was seriously considering to set up my own consulting business.

Alas working as an employee proved to be too much of a comfort for me to leave, hence never really pursue the business route (I would like to get back to it one day though). And over the time, I migrated my technical writing from my personal blog at to this site.

I am a tinkerer by nature, so this site has seen blogging platform migrations:


It has been a good 15 years of writing, I am hoping I can keep this up for many years to come.