Taking the plunge

Well, I have been doing web development for quite a while now. I remember getting my hands dirty with HTML on my 1st or 2nd year of uni (around 1999). It was an amazing experience back then when my first page went live on the net.

Nine years later I am still dabbling with web development.

A few people have been asking whether I have considered the possibility of doing it alone. I actually have pondered the idea for a long time but I didn’t pursue the idea. There are a lot of reasons for not doing it – for me mainly it is the reward versus effort ratio – I am just not convinced that I can get an income that matches my full time employment working for other people. And I know first hand that running your own business it’s not an easy feat – I know my friends work very hard and long hours to keep the business going – definitely not something that I want.

Although those reasons are still valid – but lately the idea seems to be more compelling to me. At least I am willing to give it a try.

There were few driving forces behind making this decision. Firstly is this, I really love programming and building web applications. And I have done building and experimenting on my spare time. Now if I can spare few hours a week to do some sort of development and produce something tangible for people to use – that would be ideal.

Secondly, I also have been pondering on using my skills set for the greater good. I am considering on offering my services freely or little cost for those who are in need – (still work out the concept) – it can be a way for me to multiply the talent that God has given me.

Based on those 2 points above – I’ve decided to start up Passionate Development. It should’ve include compassionate as well to cover the 2nd point.

Now this is just a small step for me, I’ve got few ideas on how to proceed with this like getting few people together or partnering with few friends. I really don’t have much expectations from it, though I am very excited at the same time – at least I got to play with something and can have something to show. And it somehow gives me more structure, more credibility to offer my services to those who need it.

I bought a slice on Viviotech and it runs over Railo – I am sticking to my gun – ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) all the way!