Coding Cubicle Again

Although strictly speaking, I am not in working in a cubicle, but rather sharing a small room with the senior developer here.

Now some pictures.

Below shows my lovely MacBook Pro (very nice machine and oh working on Mac is sooo much better compared to Windows). The company looks after me very well, they provided me with brand new 24" LG monitor. I use MacVIm for my Ruby on Rails coding (a joy) and Flash Builder for Flex coding (don't like Eclipse - so sluggish). Lately, I'm using my MacBook Pro in clamshell mode (i.e.; just using the secondary display and keep the MacBook closed) - I found the large screen area is enough.

IMG 2332

My colleague collection of books - bah, I didn't notice that my iPhone camera was out of focus, so sorry for this blurry picture. There are a LOT of Ruby and Rails books here. And he's got more digital books.

IMG 2336

Ah more books, the first two belongs to my colleagues, the rest belongs the rest belongs to me. Oh, I love Eclipse mints!! My previous colleague got me to it and before long almost every developers in the office were chewing mints on daily basis.

IMG 2333