The Passionate Programmer

Yay! The book - The Passionate Programmer: Creating a Remarkable Career in Software Development finally arrived yesterday from Book Depository (thanks to Booko and ozBargain).

This book is the new edition of My Job Went to India: 52 Ways to Save Your Job which I’ve been wanting to read for awhile, to get a taste on what the book is all about Sammy Larbi has dedicated a section of his blog on the principles from the book. I think it’s going to be an excellent read.

Just a point to ponder (taken from

What should the career path of a programmer be? How do you know what you’re aiming for? What defines success?

Many of us started out assuming the answers to these questions included slowly climbing a corporate promotion structure, ultimately becoming a people or project manager and no longer a programmer.

But we didn’t get into software development so we could fill out spreadsheets and attend status meetings. We got into software development because we were excited about it. We wanted to be creative and to build great things.