After Webdu 2009

Well it’s over, it was good experience, personally not so mind blowing as CFCamp awhile back but I did learn quite a bit too. I’ve done it, I have come to webDU at least once in my life :)

There were 5 tracks on this conference (Team/UX, Web I, Web II, Flash/Flex, ColdFusion), I was somewhat surprised that I have chosen most of the topics from Team/User Experience stream instead of ColdFusion. I think this is due to the fact that most of the ColdFusion topics presented were related to ColdFusion 9 and I have read quite a bit about what’s in there from blog posts (especially from the other conferences).

I think Microsoft presents themselves very well in a conference that is supposedly an Adobe conference (fanboys (me included?) can be quite hostile at times – oh well, everybody loves to hate M$$$ :) ). Two things I observed: Microsoft knows marketing very well and it has a very deep pocket. Microsoft gave away prizes like XBox-es, mobile phone, t-shirts and the production manager gave me a free ticket to Remix 09 (because I said on the survey that I’d like to come to Remix but I can’t afford it :) ) !! It also holds a breakfast this morning while presenting its new Windows Mobile Platform. 

Yahoo! I think has quite amazing offerings for the developers and I agree with Geoff Bower (Daemon) that the really should get these stuffs more promoted. Yahoo! Query Language (YQL) is really sic, it’s like SELECT * FROM THE INTERNET!!. It’s really ground breaking stuff in my opinion and yet I’ve never heard of it until today – will definitely need to give it check – I can immediately think of some applications of that. Google also presents in this conference although not as visible as Microsoft. One interesting thing that I found from Google’s keynote this morning is: they haven’t solved the search problem, Google at this point in time only solves 10% of the problem.

There are few interesting key products that Adobe shown in this conference. Flash Catalyst is very interesting, it seems to enable the designers/developers to create interactive and behaviour rich mock ups that can be easily to a working thing later on (Microsoft also shorty presented similar offering.. can’t remember the name maybe its Blender?). Saw a little bit of Bolt and Flash Builder – cool stuffs – but I already know them so they are not as jaw dropping anymore. Seeing what Microsoft does at marketing – I can only hope that Adobe is able to the same especially with ColdFusion, we just need a better ColdFusion visibility in Australia.

From this conference I got to understand AIR a lot better, I was always wondering where the server side logic like saving to local database etc2 happens in an AIR app – it turns out that the server side logic is handled by Javascript calls to AIR API on an DHTML AIR app (not sure how the Flash/Flex on AIR works – but I would assume the Flex/Flash would call the same AIR API).

On the networking side of things, I would love to be able to connect to more people but being an introvert I found this quite hard – plus people seem to have their own circle of friends etc2. I did get to know few people though so it’s not that bad, I wish I played the trading card came – I didn’t know the first prize was an XBox and the top 10 got some presents too.. sigh!!

Let’s play a game “where is felix”: