1. Doctype declaration can make a difference in the way your CSS is displayed. Forgot what DTD Dreamweaver produces, but it makes IE7 setting margin: 0px auto doesn’t center an element. Will investigate.. i might be wrong.n2. Setting vertical-align to middle on img somehow created a gap in IE7 eventhough you have set the height of the container to be the same as the height of the image.. weird.n3. Learnt how to create an imagemap in Dreamweaver, it was so easy to do! I wonder why imagemap is no longer popular, back in the nineties it’s everywhere, tyan used it too on his old homepage i remember… Maybe it’s no longer cool..Working on a new site for an internet cafe, it’ll be quite straightforward, no fancy requirements just backend to handle newsletters, products and special offers, news and then frontend, they design their own site, we just have to put into a working website.