felixt.org was off from the www for few hours today, apparently my subscription with Hostingshop has expired. They usually send me email remainder weeks before, but not this time, forgot to ask why.. Luckily they were quick to respond to my queries, once i paid online, i emailed em and then they re-activate me accnt. Was afraid for a moment that felixt.org will be snatched by domain squatters :P Well, even if it happend, can always find get other domains i suppose.. Hm, will not be able to rest tomorrow, need to do some packing up, shopping and then look for a new unit. Also got group meeting at 5pm. Hm.. dun feel like spending more time on this assignment, it’s abt time the other members contribute more.. i aim happy with a pass so … oh yeah, need to hit the gym as well, once a week exercise is really far from ideal, have to life with it i suppose.. exercise is kinda luxury thing for me right now (timewise).Installed PhpBB on Confucius Tech new website. Integrated Charcoal2 template with the website layout, the template matches the website design very well. Looking at Confucius Tech’s current website and forum, reminds me of the good old days of CS ans WC3.. Why do people have to grow up? Can’t we all just play comp games forever..