Microsoft Wireless Desktop MT5

One step forward to a life with less cables. Got Microsoft wireless desktop M5000 today from Ebay. I think I got it for quite a good value $70. The keyboard looks very nice, the keys are very soft. The mouse buttons and scroller are also quite soft to push. It’s not necessarily a wanted feature as some people like the harder (and louder) keyboard and mouse.The keyboard keys are arranged in somewhat curvy way, which will be particularly useful for touch typist. I found that I pressed less wrong keys with this keyboard so far and I am not even a touch typist. It’s got lots of buttons that can customised, I don’t think that i will use them that much. My main reason for getting them is one reason only, wireless.Now I haven’t tried playing games that require intensive keyboard and mouse input like Counter Strike and Warcraft, but so far I am quite enjoying this keyboard for normal typingm oh and have I mentioned that they are wireles??