Blog updates

Several changes:

  • Code syntax highlighter. I have been trying out a couple of WordPress and Windows LiveWriter syntax highlighter plugins, but couldn't get any of them to work as I wanted it. Trolling some ColdFusion blogs, I saw some of them use: SyntaxHighlighter which is a pure Javascript solution (not a WordPress plugin, so you'd need to include the js package on your WordPress template).
  • I added Social Bookmarks plugin, mainly because I want to publish some of my posts to facebook.
  • I am started to use Feedburner to manage feeds subscription to my blogs.
  • I did little CSS changes on the theme of this blog to make it readable to my own eyes, as I re-read my posts quite a lot.

I am also in the early stage of contemplating to try out several other multi blogs WordPress alternatives, as I found Lyceum has been quite slow to follow WordPress updates.