Final Exam

Hhh, the COMP9334 take home exam due this monday..

It’s worth 30% of the overall mark, I’ve got a credit average so far (70 something). Credit average is very surprising since I failed the first assignment and the subsequent assignments I just did them without even sure that I was correct, but I got a full mark and a distinction for the 2 subsquent assignments, not sure how..

This take home exam has 3 questions, question 1 I finished it okay, 2nd question, I am not too positive about the result, although I think it’s correct someway. 3rd question is the hardest of them all, I think I am going to submit the solution with my own interpretation to make it work, people are already giving up on this question (I know this from the forum, another funny thing about this subject is, people are discussing about the exam over its forum, but of course no exchanging answers, after all who wants to give out his answer to everyone in the class).

So bottom line is, today I am going to write up the report for question 1 and 2. Still not sure about question 3, I think I just write up the report based on what I’ve got.. I dont think I am going to spend anymore time trying to find the solution.