GIMP 2.0 Installation

In the process of installing GIMP 2.0 now, I should’ve known better, it won’t be as easy as installing the RPM package provided, some requirements need to be met first.

First of all, GTK 2.2 or higher is needed, and I am d/l-ing the 2.6, it also needs Glib, ATK and Pango. So there you go, firstly thought that I only GTK but ended up needing three more packages. As expected spent few hours trying to figure out why ATK and Pango can’t find Glib that I have installed.

It has to do with setting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH to the right “pkgconfig” directory, I think it should be under /usr/local/lib/glib2.0/pkgconfig if you install it by default, however the link here shows me a clearer way doing it.

It’s 23.29, GTK is still compiling.. Sigh, RPM, we need RPM!!!.

It’s 00.05, finally GIMP is compiling, was having stoopid mistake by wrongly set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PKG_CONFIG_PATH, which resulted in a message similar like this pkg-config -modversion finds glib 2.2.3 but GLIB (2.2.5) installed.

I also compile GIMP with options –without lib-tiff and –gimpprint (something like that), since I can’t be bothered to install both packages, I won’t be needing them anyway.

Well, I hope this helps folks, I can’t wait to get my hands on GIMP 2.0 mainly because I want to install fonts that don’t work with earlier GIMP. Sweet..

It’s now 00.19, GIMP 2.0 fired up smoothly, it’s installed as /usr/local/bin/gimp-1.3. The interface is quite different from 1.2, was trying to type in a text, it’s done differently from the prev version..

Hm there’s an adjustment to make then, but I just look over it quickly, it looks more sturdy and visually better than the prev vers. Now I can sleep in peace.