Super Duper Busy

This week has been VERY busy for me (surprise2).. I even have to took time off work last Tuesday to do some assignement and the web work for APTStrategies.

Tomorrow is no different, start the day at 5:45am, working till 3pm, somehow between waking up till after work, need to find time to call Altis to arrange phone interview (should I do it on the spot there?)..

Oh God, I want this position!!! After that meeting up at 4pm with APT boss, to discuss the proposal (that I will write soon after this bloggin IT"S 10:40PM NOW!!! ARGHHHH)..

Hopefully the meeting should conclude before the bible study that I will lead at 7.30pm.. If I am still alive by this time tomorrow, praise the LORD!!!

Looking forward for sort of “rest” day this Saturday, miss Pelita guys, wanna hang around and share some laughters with them.. hm hm..