Just one of those days

When I boot into my home computer today, I noticed an Adobe updater windows pops up, I clicked install all. There were some errors reported but I choose to ignore them and continue with the install. Now I am not sure the series of dialog windows that came next were actually caused by Adobe update or something else. The dialog box basically asked whether I am sure to replace the system file with something else. I think I chose yes for all of these dialog windows.. not very smart..

Then I noticed something strange, all of my icons on desktop were gone, my applications on the applications menu also went missing, I thought it was a glitch so I restarted the computer. I wasn’t able to get into my Windows XP, first message I encountered was hal.ddl missing. So naturally I tried to boot from XP cd but I wasn’t able to! The screen just froze. So I tried to boot into my Linux partition.. and it threw a kernel panic sigh.. Then I tried booting Kubuntu live CD, I can do this fine, I copied HAL.dll from my laptop.

Ok so now I tried boot into Windows again, hoping that would solve it. Sadly, I was mistaken, this time I got nrlstok.exe missing message. So I thought I’d repeat the same process as before. Just when I thought I got into the bottom of this saga, now my Kubuntu live CD won’t boot!!! It complained that the disk was damaged or something like that.

I am downloading a small live CD distro (Damn Small Linux) now… What an utterly waste of time.