Golang Sydney Meetup 09/17

Last night was my first time attending Golang Sydney held at Amaysim office.

It was a good turn out for a meetup that was just announced and organised one day prior, I think there was 90-ish gophers attending.

The talks were both interesting and easy to follow / understand, I was pleasantly learned quite a bit eventhough I don’t know much about Golang. I did spent a week reading / learning about Golang last week though - but that’s another story :).

By chance, I was sitting next to someone from Fairfax too - we don’t know each other since we work on differen teams (and we work on different buildings too). It’s quite interesting to hear the Golang projects that they have there.

The first talk was on Serverless Golang by Yun Zhi Lin. In his talk, Yun explained and demoed this serverless-golang library that should make it easy to write serverless program (or maybe better termed function?) in Golang.

The second talk was on Golang performance profiling by @francesc. This was more of live coding / profiling session rather than talk, Frances shows how he uses Golang trace to identify areas for optimisation on his program.

There was an interesting question at the end, when someone asked what are the best practices for Golang performance. Frances said write the simplest program and then profile and improve.

It was an interesting night overall, glad I came.