20x20 nite at Adobe Platform User Group Sydney

Earlier this week (Monday), at the Adobe Platform Users Group Sydney we were having a 20x20 Pecha Kucha nite. Basically in a Pecha Kucha meeting, there will be few people presenting - in their presentations they are limited to 20 slides, on each slides they can spend at maximum 20 seconds, so for each presentations (in theory) it should have finished in 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

We had 7 interesting presentations on the night, which were (in the order of presentation):

  1. Creating a web server in 6 minutes - Justin McLean from Class Software - using Arduino hardware and a mere 5k compiled web server code.
  2. Building a boat in 9 years and 2 weeks - Robin Hilliard from Rocketboots. Certainly a labor of love.
  3. Google Wave - Pamela Fox. Too quick of an intro for Google Wave (which I have played for around 2 days now), so apparently Pam is going to come back and present a full length presentation.
  4. Browser Ghosting Attack - Paul Theriault from Stratsec. Some security concern with PDF on the web - Paul shown an example of a PDF playing a song in the background in a loop even when the browser and the PDF have been closed.
  5. Pixel Bender Demo - Raj(? - not sure whether I got his name right) from Rocketboots. Some cool Pixel Bender filters that Raj built was demoed such as the Genie filter.
  6. Working with API - Andy Welsh from Codename: Tuesday. Facebook API is highly unreliable - I think Andy built a solution (framework?) called Angry Ape that pings every single API functions just to make sure those functions are still there and working on the same way as before. Beware of silent fails.
  7. Mars Landscape - Chris Velvetich. Showing some amazing landscape pictures of Mars. I think they are from Boston.com.
At the end of the presentations - we were supposedly vote for the best presentation (the best presso would win a Flash Builder licence). The voting mechanism - which was the audience clapping’s loudness, didn’t work too well - so Chris pulled out his usual Wheel of Fortune software to pick a winner. And the winner was Andy Welsh.

Also on the night, an Adobe software package (with value up of USD 2100) was also being given away for a lucky winner in the audience.