One year after switching to Octopress from WordPress

About a year ago, I have a couple of major changes to my technical blog:

  • Moving it away from my personal domain to
  • Changed the blog engine from WordPress to Octopress (here are the reasons)


I’ve come to appreciate WordPress’ thriving plugin community. One WordPress plugin that I miss the most is the Yoast SEO plugin. That plugin (if not obvious already) provides some nice SEO capabilities to your WordPress blog, I’ve had some noticable traffic increase since using it.

Octopress doesn’t have much of SEO functionalities baked in, the most basic thing like keywords on page is not even there. Luckily, you could implement this yourselves and I did (should make a blog post about it).

Now in terms of productivity wise, I don’t notice much of an impact.

I do like writing on a simple text editor (Vim) and not having to use the crappy JS WYSIWYG editors like FCKEditor or TinyMCE.

Traffic Analysis

There is a noticable drop in traffic after the switch to Octopress, I am not quite sure why. This does not necessarily a bad thing though - since I suspect a large percentage of my traffic before were bots trying to exploit WordPress vulnerabilities. One example is the WordPress sign-up page - that page is one of the most visited pages by bots.

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