Cellars @ felixt?

I have been checking my website stats and there are some peculiar hits from Google searches. One of those search terms is “best wine deals” and my old cellars.com.au archive on felixt.org/cellars came on number 7.

I dug up the awstat logs for this month and all these wine related searches come up: best wine years australia,best wine under 20$.c, best red wine deal,best wine deals for wine party,wine cellar best deal,best deals on australian wines. I also had few hits from couple months.

Since apparently people are finding this site, I realized that I need to 2 things:

  1. Remove any references to Cellars.com.au as that domain is no longer owned by someone who hired me to do the site but only paid half of my agreed wages..
  2. Remove any affiliate links and ads from the site, so that someone who can’t be bothered to pay up $100 won’t benefit from them anymore.. not that the hits were that great anyway.. but yes I am still bit pissed off with this person.

Too bad I’m not keen on wine, otherwise I might be able to make something out of this existing site..